What this car model’s name says about the NBA

In recent years, the automotive industry has seen a rise in the number of car models with names inspired by basketball players. This phenomenon can be traced back to 2012, when Honda released the “CR-V” SUV, named after then-Los Angeles Clippers player Chris Paul. Since then, other companies have followed suit, releasing models such as the “Kia K900” (named after Kobe Bryant) and the “Nissan Juke R” (named after Russell Westbrook).

So what does this trend say about the NBA? Well, for one thing, it suggests that the league is becoming more popular globally. The fact that car companies are willing to spend millions of dollars on licensing fees to use player names shows that they believe there is a strong market for NBA-themed products.

It also says something about the growing influence of basketball players in popular culture. In the past, most athletes were content to simply endorse products; now, they want to be involved in every aspect of their branding, from design to marketing. By having their names attached to car models, players are able to exert a greater degree of control over how they are perceived by the public.

Of course, not everyone is happy about this trend. Some people feel that it’s commercializing the sport and turning players into nothing more than walking billboards. Others worry that it will lead to even higher salaries for already well-paid athletes. Regardless of how you feel about it, though, there’s no denying that this trend is here to stay.

Car model whose name becomes an NBA superstar

The car model’s name is a clear indication of the NBA’s interest in the company. The fact that the company has chosen to use the name of a well-known basketball player is an obvious attempt to court the NBA’s favor. Given the close relationship between the two organizations, it’s likely that this car model will be very popular among NBA fans.

The NBA superstar

Not only is the Land Rover Range Rover Velar a fine automobile, but it’s also a telling sign of where the NBA is headed. A Land Rover says “I’m well-off and I like to go off-road.” An Range Rover says “I’m even more well-off, and I never go off-road.” And a Velar? Well, that says “I’m so rich I don’t even know what an off-road is.”

The Velar is the latest in a long line of luxury SUVs from Land Rover, and it’s aimed squarely at affluent urbanites who want something stylish to cart their kids around in. It’s named after the Latin word for “veil,” which is fitting because it’s essentially a Land Rover Discovery Sport with a thinner veneer of ruggedness.

And that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone needs an SUV that can tackle the Rubicon Trail. Most people just need something that looks good and can handle a snowy driveway. And the Velar definitely looks good. It has all the style of a Range Rover without any of the bulk, and it comes with a long list of standard features that include leather seats, navigation, and even massaging front seats.

But the real story here is what the Velar’s success says about the NBA. Just a few years ago, SUVs were seen as big, gas-guzzling status symbols for people who didn’t care about fuel economy or the environment. But now they’re seen as stylish, practical vehicles for people who want to be able to get around easily in an ever-more crowded world.

The NBA has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to style (just look at how many players have been rocking Supreme gear lately), and it looks like they’re starting to embrace SUVs as well. In fact, two of the league’s biggest superstars – LeBron James and Kevin Durant – have already been spotted driving Range Rovers. So if you’re looking for a sign of where the NBA is headed, you might just want to take a closer look at Land Rover’s latest creation.


This car model’s name says a lot about the NBA. The fact that it is called the “Coupe” says that the NBA is a league of athletes who are able to drive and score at will. The fact that it is a two-door car says that the NBA is a league of players who are able to create their own shots and get to the basket with ease.

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