UCLA’s Chances of Making the NCAA Tournament

UCLA’s Record

UCLA’s basketball team has had a rocky season, with a record of (15-17), (9-9) in conference play.

Overall record

UCLA’s overall record is 18-12. They are 9-9 in conference play.

Record in conference play

UCLA’s Record in conference play needs to improve if they want to make the NCAA Tournament. They are currently 10-7 and will need to finish with a winning record to have a chance at making the tournament.


UCLA’s RPI is currently at .5689, which is good for 58th in the nation and 9th in the Pac-12. The Bruins have an 8-10 record against the RPI top 50, a 4-4 record against the RPI top 100, and are 14-7 against the RPI 101-200. UCLA’s best wins are against Kent State (RPI: 35), Missouri (RPI: 42), USC (RPI: 43), Oregon (RPI: 44), and Arizona State (RPI: 46). The Bruins’ worst losses are to Albuquerque (RPI: 137), Cal Poly (RPI: 153), Stanford (RPI: 158), Washington State (RPI: 160), and Oregon State (RPI: 164).

UCLA’s Chances of Making the NCAA Tournament

Based on their current RPI, it is unlikely that UCLA will make the NCAA tournament. In order to have a chance at making the tournament, they would need to win the Pac-12 tournament.

Will UCLA make the NCAA tournament

UCLA has a strong chance of making the NCAA tournament this year. Their strength of schedule is one of the main factors that will be considered when the selection committee makes their decision. UCLA’s non-conference schedule includes games against some of the best teams in the country, which will help them prepare for the rigors of tournament play. In addition, their conference schedule is tough, with games against difficult opponents such as Oregon and Arizona. Overall, UCLA has scheduled a very tough slate of games, which should help them prepare for the NCAA tournament and improve their chances of making the field.

UCLA’s Key Wins

UCLA has had a strong season and their recent win against Arizona State has solidified their place as a top team in the PAC-12. They have a chance to make the NCAA tournament, but their road to the tournament is not easy. They will need to win some key games in order to boosting their resume.

Some of UCLA’s key wins include:

-Beating then-No. 2 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

-Defeating then-No. 1 Gonzaga in Spokane

-A road victory over then-No. 17 Oregon

UCLA will need to continue winning these types of games if they want to make the NCAA tournament.

UCLA’s Key Losses

UCLA has a few key losses that have hurt its chances of making the NCAA tournament. The first is to Kentucky, which was a blowout loss. The second is to Oregon, which was a close loss. The third is to USC, which was a close loss.

UCLA’s Remaining Schedule

UCLA currently has a 14-10 record and is ranked 47th in the NCAA’s NET rankings.

UCLA’s remaining regular season schedule is as follows:

-February 12th @ Oregon

-February 15th vs. Oregon State

-February 19th vs. Colorado

-February 22nd @ USC

-February 26th vs. Stanford

To make the NCAA Tournament, UCLA will likely need to win at least 3 of these 5 games.


As we have seen, UCLA has a very good chance of making the NCAA tournament. They have a strong RPI rating and are ranked in the top 25 in both the AP and Coaches Polls. They have a solid resume with quality wins over Arizona, Kentucky, USC, and Oregon. If they can win a few more games down the stretch, they should be a lock for the tournament.

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